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Your Detail Shop Is Ready

Welcome to The Bays at Car Supplies Warehouse. You now have a professional detailing bay at your finger tips. Our detail bays are climate controlled, outfitted with top of line equipment and available to you by the hour, day or week. Come on in for a quick wash or spend the day on a full detail. When the weather outside is too cold, too hot, or too windy; inside the bay's it's just right.    

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1229 Naperville Drive. Romeoville, IL 60445
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170 Shepard Ave. Suite D, Wheeling, IL 60090
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Bay Rental Pricing

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$70/month - Two hours free each month, 5% off retail store & discounted additional hours

Non-Member Pricing

$40 | per hour
$170 | half day (5 hours)
$340 | full day (10 hours)
$640 | 2 day rental
$840 | 3 day rental
$1,040 | 4 day rental
$1,200 | 5 day rental

Member Pricing 

$30 | per hour
$150 | half day (5 hours)
$300 | full day (10 hours)
$560 | 2 day rental
$720 | 3 day rental
$880 | 4 day rental
$1,000 | 5 day rental

Rental Equipment

$20 hour | $50 day
Mytee Lite 8070 Heated Carpet Extractor

$10 hour | $25 day
Rupes LHR 15 Mark III Long Throw Dual-Action Polisher Rupes, LHR21 Mark III Long Throw Dual-Action Polisher,  Rupes LK900E Mille Gear Driven Polisher,  Rupes LH19E Rotary Polisher Rupes Ibrid Nano (long and Short),  Rupes LHR12E Duetto Random Orbital Polisher, Rupes LHR75E Mini Random Orbital Polisher,  Vyper chairs,  MTM Hydro Undercarriage Cleaner,
NexPTG Professional Paint Thickness Gauge

$5 hour | $15 day
Scangrip Sunmatch 3

Your Favorite Products & Tools

Tools, products and equipment from the industries leading brands. Our retail store front is open to the public.

Do-It-Yourself Detailing

Have you ever wanted to try your hand at detailing, only to realize you don’t have the correct setup? The Bays at Car Supplies Warehouse is proud to provide the space and tools you need to clean and protect your vehicle at your own pace! Our wash area, dry bay, and equipment rentals afford the perfect DIY Dream World for you and other likeminded car enthusiasts to get down to detailing business. Just imagine: You and your vehicle, secure in your own bay, great lighting, unlimited water supply, drainage, and compressed air within easy reach. Just bring your own supplies and chemicals to complete your detailing project . . . and no worries if you forget something or need to add to your detailing arsenal. We carry a full line of products so you may easily purchase what you need.