McKee's 37 Graphene Collection is HERE

With a variety of ways to protect and maintain all your exterior surfaces, and next generation protection technology, McKee's 37's new Graphene Collection offers protection solutions for all

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Here at Car Supplies Warehouse we take our detailing seriously. We are are continually testing tools, microfiber towels, ceramic coatings, polishes, brushes, and other new products in our shop, Chicago Auto Pros. We are dedicated to the education and improvement of the automotive detailing industry by sharing our knowledge of products and detailing processes though video content.


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Rupes Bigfoot LHR 15 Mark III Complete Kit - Car Supplies Warehouse

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DetailWise Training

Starting an auto detailing business is a fun and rewarding way to make a living, but creating a successful version of your vision can be challenging... For the past 17 years we have worked, built, failed, grown, and ultimately become successful in the detailing industry. We're here as your guide, to share our hard-won experiences. Let us help you on your journey of entrepreneurship or pursuit of higher-level car care to avoid the most common and expensive pitfalls every operator will encounter.

FuguZ Wash Bucket Kit

Channel the spirit of collaboration and learning found in Sung Kang's 1973 "Fugu Z" Datsun 240Z in this special edition wash bucket kit! Designed in collaboration with Gtechniq North America and Grit Guard, this kit features special editions of the high quality detailing products you need to make any car look its best

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