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Are you tired of looking at stained, cracked garage floors? These days, garages are used to store many things, from ornaments to tools. There are many ways to spruce up the flooring of your garage.

Do you want to showcase your most prized possession? If so, you need to display them on a beautiful surface. And to enjoy working on cars, the workspace should be pleasant.

You may want to consider something special if your main aim is to store a motorcycle or car. The best thing is to consider Racedeck flooring.

Is this your first time to hear about RaceDeck garage flooring? They have been in existence for decades. Most car enthusiasts trust this product because of its professional and tough performance.

Racedeck garage flooring should be your first option to turn your garage into a showroom. The good news is that you can do so without breaking the bank. Here is everything you need to know about Racedeck garage flooring.

What Is Racedeck Garage Flooring?

It's important to decide early on the kind of flooring to put down on your garage. It doesn't matter if you're redoing an old one or putting down new flooring.

Your concern should be choosing a garage floor option that will meet your needs. That is in terms of longevity, design, versatility, and color. For example, you need to be sure you can store your accessories such as car lifts safely.

Racedeck garage flooring is the best option. But first, you have to understand what it is and what it will bring to your garage.

The Specifics

Racedeck garage flooring was engineered for one purpose. That is to withstand grime, oil, scratches, and dirt.

So, it was created to look showcase-ready regardless of the harsh garage environment. It can withstand the test of time and traffic with resilient longevity.

Racedeck flooring provides you with showroom quality flooring. Its unique substructure and design can hold up to 80,000 pounds.

They are made from copolymers of the highest quality. They can withstand extreme temperatures of up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

RaceDeck has been in the industry for more than 30 years. They come in different shapes, colors, sizes, and toughness.

Due to its design and structure, it's perfect for garages. But you can also install it in basements, shop floors, and trade show exhibits.

Racedeck garage tiles are designed using an interlocking system. You can remove them using a putty knife.

Also, you can cut them using a table saw, jigsaw, or utility knife to customize them to match your space. Use upcoming trends to organize your garage for a neat look.

Unlike other flooring options, these tiles don't have any smell. They don't contain any toxic chemicals. You don't have to worry about smelling strong adhesives.

Racedeck will create a perfect display environment imaginable. Whether you want something modern, unique, clean, or retro, it's possible.

You choose from the many different styles available. Use car care kits to ensure the flooring lasts for years.

Benefits of Racedeck Flooring

There are many benefits of Racedeck flooring for garages. It's an affordable solution for improving your flooring. Here are some of the benefits of this type of flooring.


Racedeck garage covering helps to add durability to your flooring. This is beneficial in a lot of ways.

Garages usually experience a lot of wear compared to other surfaces in your home. They are designed to withstand damage from spills and the weight of vehicles.

Adding Racedeck flooring to your garage increases the durability of the surface underneath. In turn, this prolongs its resistance to problems and prevents damage to your floor. Even though concrete is a durable surface, Racedeck flooring further improves its durability.

Increased Safety

Injuries result from trips, falls, and slips. These trips usually happen when your floor has an uneven surface.

Racedeck garage flooring helps to even out your floor surface to ensure it is safe to walk on. It helps to improve the comfort level of your garage.

You will feel confident when storing your prized possessions. The floor will look even, giving it an appealing look.

Stain Resistant

It is common for different substances to get spilled on garage flooring. Whether from spilling wiper fluid or an oil leak, these substances can cause stains. Installing Racedeck flooring will ensure the surface is resistant to stains.

It will also give your floor an increased appearance. Foreign substances will not cause damage to your floor anymore.

Impact Resistant

It is normal for garages to experience impact due to their various uses. For example, you can drop a heavy tool or object that can dent your floor surface.

Installing Racedeck flooring helps improve the overall protection and durability of the surface. That way, you keep your floor in the best condition possible. And at the same time, you prevent unexpected expenses.

Built Tough

You can repair flaws and cracks in a garage floor. Regardless of the method you use, they usually come back worse than before. Paint may fill in the areas, but it cannot fix the crack permanently.

Racedeck flooring is solid and thick enough to eliminate and fill them. There is no need for surface prep. Once the installation is complete, the flooring will cover any cracks and flaws. So, they will not look worse. Instead, they look like they were never there.

It is easy to install. It comes with a locking system that does not require paint, epoxy, or toxic adhesives to snap together.

Many Styles To Choose From

Racedeck offers different color and style options. It means your design options are limitless. You can display your motorcycles or cars on any Racedeck flooring and still get a good look.

All the collections and created for displaying your rides. Consider all the pros and cons of RaceDeck. Your needs and preferences will determine your choice.

Types of Racedeck Tiles

Most companies have one type of flooring for garages in different colors. However, Racedeck has many collections in different styles.

If you want something unique or simple for your car or motorcycle, you can be sure to get it. Below are different types of Racedeck garage tiles.

RaceDeck Diamond

RaceDeck Diamond is a long-lasting and classic style. Its substructure is strong due to protection by the TuffShield. That way, your tiles will look fresh for many years.

Most tiles for garage are 12''x12''. This is the normal size for most manufacturers.

But with RaceDeck Diamond, you can get bigger tiles of 18''x18''. It means you will deal with fewer seams. There are 30 different colors available to choose from.

Free Flow

RaceDeck Diamond is a great way to showcase your collection. But it's not good when other liquids or water are in a play.

For those who reside in a snowy or wet region, Free-Flow is the best solution. It does not let water in. It is colorful, just like other styles of garage flooring.

Free Flow XLC

Free-Flow XLC is an upgrade of the free of the Free-Flow model. They are usually larger at 18''x18''. They are slip-resistant and have self-draining surfaces.

These tiles have a thickness of around 3/4''. But they are available in just one color. Use them with other models for a clean and appealing look.


CircleTrac is a slip-proof alternative from RaceDeck. It's ideal for consumers who don't want diamond textures for their garage.

It has a unique style that looks like penny tile. It has raised circles that provide additional traction. They measure 12''x12'' and are available in 13 colors.

RaceDeck Display Tiles

RaceDeck flooring tiles are the best option to display your motorcycles or cars. But there are other options that you can use to accent the tiles.

RaceDeck flooring is more useful and functional than these options. They include:

RaceDeck Pro

Copolymers and composite materials look great and sturdy on garage flooring. But it isn't easy to replace the feel and look of aluminum.

RaceDeck Pro tiles have a substructure that looks rugged. Fortunately, they come with a polished aluminum look that makes them stand out. To create a floor that looks unique, you can mix it with different tiles from other collections.

Smoked Oak

It is one of the unique products from RaceDeck. It looks like smoky oak wood, and it is strong enough for any car or motorcycle.

These tiles come in only two sizes. The first one is the normal 12''x12'' tiles. The other one measures 36''x36'' for a seamless look.


Once you have identified the tile you want, the next step is to choose your upgrade and accessories. If you want your garage to look carpeted, consider upgrading it to that.

Also, you can consider installing panels to cushion your feet if you'll be standing there for a while. This type of technology is known as ShockTower. Or, choose a different technology known as AccuPark to assist you in guiding your car when parking it.

How To Install Racedeck Flooring

As stated earlier, they are easy to install. You don't need to have experience with flooring installation to get the job done right.

With a little bit of practice on garage and car detailing you are good to go. All you need is a good knife and a broom.

Before putting down the tiles, clean out the garage to avoid bumps or problems. Use the knife to cut the tiles to sizes that fit your space.

Start installation from the garage door and the longest side of the wall. To get the best results, do the installation during the warmest time of the day. Confirm that your floor and the edges are inside the garage to close properly.

Use the PowerLock system to interlock tiles to ensure they don't move. If one of the tiles gets damaged during installation, replace it by cutting it away and adding a new one.

It takes around two hours to install RaceDeck flooring for an average-sized garage. This type of flooring is made from polypropylene, making it 100% recyclable. Since they are designed to lock together, it doesn't make sense to use any adhesive.

Choose RaceDeck Diamond or CircleTrac for a commercial environment. Both are ideal for use in both commercial and residential applications. But GarageTrac and GarageDeck are made for residential use only.

RaceDeck Flooring Prices

These tiles are found at specialties stores. They are not things that you can find at the hardware store within your locality.

The price seems to be high than that of regular garage tiles. So, if you are looking for a cheaper alternative, you can consider other flooring options. Here is a rough estimate of the price for RaceDeck garage tiles.

Diamond RaceDeck of 18''x18''x1/2'' comes in 30 different colors. The average price per tile is $8.53.

Snap-Carpet of 12''x12''x1/2'' comes in one color. The average price per tile is $5.25.

CircleTac of 12''x12''x1/2'' comes in two colors. The average price per tile is $4.79.

AccuPark of 12''x24''x1/2'' comes in one color. The average price per tile is $58.95.

Free Flow of 12''x12''x1/2'' comes in 13 colors. The average price per tile is $3.29.

RaceDeck Pro of 12''x12''x1/2'' comes in one color. The average price per tile is $14.59

Smoked Oak of 36''x36''x1/2'' comes in one color. The average price per tile is $22.50.

The choice you make will depend on your needs and budget. These tiles come in a pack of 10 or as single tiles.

But they are pretty much affordable, so you don't have to spend a lot to improve your garage flooring.

The good news is that they are meant for different uses. Whether you want to display your old classic car or work on your car, they are the perfect solution for your garage.

Choose the Best Racedeck Flooring for Your Garage Needs

Now you know everything about RaceDeck flooring answered in this guide. The next step is to identify a style that matches your needs.

There are plenty of styles and colors to choose from. Do some research to make an informed decision. Thankfully, you can merge these tiles with other options for a unique look.

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