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The Iron Decontamination Process Seems Like a Necessary Evil

You may think that the cost of getting iron particles off your wheels and paint, and getting that cool purple bleeding effect is that you’re going to be smelling rotten eggs for the next few hours, and stinking up whatever place you’re working in. But it doesn’t have to be that way: AM Iron is an iron remover with odor neutralizing capabilities, so you can say goodbye to singed nose hairs, and say hello to beautiful wheels and brake rotors.

Why Iron Removers Singe your Nose Hairs (and why AM Iron doesn't)

The reason why all iron decontamination products smell is because they all have the same active ingredient: sodium thioglycolate. Also commonly used in leather processing and in other applications of chemical hair removal, sodium thioglycolate reacts with ferrous iron particles to create ferric thioglycolate, which is the violet liquid that runs down your wheels and paint when you spray an iron remover on them. In order to make your iron remover not smell like rotten eggs, you need to neutralize that smell either when it’s coming out of the bottle, or when the reaction happens. AM Iron has both, resulting in an iron remover that has a smell similar to Fruity Pebbles breakfast cereal.

Gelling with Success

The other major issue with many iron removers is that they tend to have a thin consistency, meaning you need to use more product to get the active ingredient onto the surface, but also meaning that when that reaction does happen, it tends to run all over the wheel. The resulting ferric thioglycolate is an acidic compound, and must be neutralized with an alkaline wheel cleaner if not fully removed. Am Iron has a thicker consistency, allowing the product to stick to surfaces, and allowing you to use slightly less product. This also gives you a longer working time, as AM Iron takes longer to dry out than other popular iron fallout removers.

Interested in seeing AM Iron in action? CSW General Manager sat down with a bottle of AM Iron and shares his thoughts:

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