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Everything You Need to Follow the Guide, Pre-Assembled:

Not sure where to start with your spring detail, or where to source everything you need to execute it? Luckily, we've removed the uncertainty for you.

The kits below offer two options; if you're simply seeking to rid your car of the scars left by a long winter, the basic kit offers excellent value.

If you're looking to achieve professional results that will truly make your vehicle stand out among the rest, we're offering the deluxe kit as an extension of the basic kit.

Oh, and the deluxe kit ships free to the continental United States.

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Basic Kit

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(Deluxe kit; ships free to the continental US)

Don't Forget to Protect Your Results:

There's nothing like the appearance of freshly detailed paint, or the refreshing scent of a clean interior; but without protection, it can be a short love affair.

In order to protect your work and lock in the results for months - or even years with proper maintenance - it's worth taking the additional steps to properly

rid your vehicle of road-borne contamination. If you've never used a quality clay bar or seen the iron particles escaping your paint after an Iron X treatment,

don't miss out on one of the most intriguing and rewarding steps in the process.

Better yet, with the ultimate protection package, you can worry less and enjoy your car more throughout the summer months and beyond.

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