2020 Chicago Auto Pros Detailing Clinic

We often get people reaching out to us here at Car Guy Supplies and Chicago Auto Pros, asking for advice on how to step up their detailing game. That's why we're starting the Chicago Auto Pros Detailing Clinic, a three day event designed to take every aspect of your detailing life to the next level. From February 17-19 2020, you will be learning all our best practices in detail prep, leather care, ceramic coatings, and so much more! We've also recruited some of the best marketers and salesmen around to ensure that you also become an expert on marketing your detailing business, and have the tools you need to take your skills and turn them into increased sales. Spaces are limited, so register today!

The Fine Details

What: Learn the best practices and professional insights of some of the detailing world's most prominent figures, including Jason Otterness, Nick Whitaker, Jason Kilmer, Greg Natonson, Jim Lefeber and Luke Wilson.

When: February 17-19, 2020

  • Where: Chicago Auto Pros Lombard (207a Eisenhower Lane, Lombard, IL 60148)

Who: Professional Detailers and Dedicated DIY-ers alike

Cost: $1,195 for three days of training from some of the detailing world's most prominent figures, lunch, and shuttles to/from the DoubleTree Suites in Downers' Grove. Travel and lodging is not included*.

*Where to book lodging: DoubleTree Suites in Downers Grove (2111 Butterfield Rd., Downers Grove, IL 60515. Phone number: 630-971-2000) is less than 2 miles away from Chicago Auto Pros. The DoubleTree has a shuttle to take you to and from Chicago Auto Pros every day. Mention that you're part of the Car Guy Supplies Detailing Clinic and get a special business rate.

Seminars and Detailing Training Topics

Detail Prep

Ensure that every car you detail looks flawless by starting with the perfect prep procedure. Jason Otterness of Chicago Auto Pros will walk you through his best practices in a prep wash and in decontaminating every vehicle that rolls through Chicago Auto Pros.

Interior Detailing

It's so easy to get caught up in a car's exterior and forget that the driver's main interaction with the car is behind the wheel. Luke Wilson of Wilson Auto Detailing will show you his best practices for making a vehicle's interior look flawless.

Leather Care

Leather seats and trim are a balancing act: be too aggressive with your detailing and risk damaging the leather, or be too cute with your detailing and risk not actually getting the leather clean and protected. Jim Lefeber of Simon's Shine Shop and Dr. Beasley's will teach you his time tested methods for cleaning leather seats and trim, and protecting it against contaminants and the harmful effects of the sun.

Interior Coatings

In the era of protective products for almost any surface that can be found inside and outside a vehicle, there is no excuse not to be aware of how to use interior coatings to take your interior detailing game higher, and provide more value to your customers. Our instructors will show you all the ways to protect any surface in your car's interior, and the processes they use to maintain that protection.

One-step Waxes, Sealants, and Paint Protectants

With the rapid innovation in the detailing world, there are more ways than ever to protect your own car and your customers' cars. Jason Otterness will show you his favorite products and best practices for keeping that freshly cleaned or corrected exterior protected and hydrophobic, saving you time and adding value to your work.

Paint Correction

Paint correction can be intimidating to first timers, but as our instructors will show you, it can actually be very straightforward, provided you have the right tools for the job. Our instructors will walk you through their best practices for paint correction, bringing paint in various stages of imperfection back to life.

Wet Sanding

When a vehicle's surface needs TLC beyond what typical paint correction can provide, wet sanding is the answer. Jason Killmer of KXK Dynamics will walk you through the ways that he uses wet sanding to make even the most beat up paint surfaces look brilliant.

Ceramic Coating Installation

Ceramic coatings are the pinnacle of chemical resistance and hydrophobicity for your vehicle's paint, glass, wheels, and plastic. Our instructors will walk you through their best practices at ceramic coating installation, how they pick coatings, how they care for them, and how to sell more of them to your customers.

Video Marketing

It's remarkable how often we hear that people sought us out to detail their car because they saw us on YouTube! Jason Otterness will walk you through the video marketing strategy at Chicago Auto Pros, the equipment the video team uses, the benefits that it has provided, and how you should start building your own video-based following.

Sales 101

Being a master craftsman is only one part of running a successful detailing business. You also need to ensure that you are booking enough jobs to keep the lights on, and that you build a relationship with your clientele. Greg Natonson of Chicago Auto Pros will walk you through his sales strategies, his best practices for building a sales staff, and his secrets for building relationships with customers.

Marketing 101

So you've got a website and a facebook page that clearly lists your location and phone number, but how do you leverage all the marketing tools at your disposal? Nick Whitaker of Detail Peoria shares his secrets to using marketing to build a brand, building a relationship with his customers through social media, and turning various channels into increased sales.

Presenters and Guests 

Jason Otterness

Jason is the co owner of Chicago Auto Pros and Car Guy Supplies. Beginning his career as a mobile detailer working out of a Chevy Astro van, Jason is one half of the team that built Chicago Auto Pros into a powerful and respected player in the detailing world.

Nick Whitaker

Nick Whitaker is the co owner of Detail Peoria, a high end detail shop in Peoria Illinois. Together with his business partner Matt Carter, Nick has built Detail Peoria into a force in the industry, installing ceramic coatings and paint protection film on some of the most beautiful and prestigious cars that can be found anywhere.

Greg Natonson

Greg Natonson is the co owner of Chicago Auto Pros and Car Guy Supplies. Beginning his career in the car wash sales industry, he is the other half of the team that built Chicago Auto Pros into a powerful and respected player in the detailing world.

Jason Killmer

Jason "The Sandman" Killmer is the owner of JK Automotive Detailing and one half of the team behind KXK Dynamics. Known for his wet sanding techniques and his work on show cars, Jason has won two Ridler Awards and was a runner up for best in show at the 2009 Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance

Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson is the owner of Wilson Auto Detailing in the Nashville, TN metropolitan area, and the Youtube channel of the same name. He strives to educate other detailers and break through the hype and misinformation that is all too common in the detailing community.

Jim Lefeber

Jim Lefeber is the President of Simon's Shine Shop and the CEO of Dr. Beasley's in Chicago, IL. He has a background in both Economics and Chemistry, and combined those skills to create the successful Dr. Beasley's lineup of products while turning Simon's into one of Chicago's best and most respected detail shops.

Phil Miranda

Phillip Miranda is the owner and operator of Miranda Mobile Auto Spa in Richmond, Virginia. With 10 years of experience under his belt, Phil is an expert mobile detailer, and is keenly aware of the challenges that mobile detailers face, and how to overcome them to build a successful business.

Alan Medcraf

Alan Medcraf is the owner and sole detailer for AM Details, a detail shop located in Elgin, Scotland, and the developer of the AM Details line of detailing products. With 15 years of detailing experience and experience as an RAF Engineer, Alan is an expert in running a multinational business that successfully utilizes multiple streams of revenue, leading to a following around the world.

Sponsored by Gtechniq, Dr. Beasley's, Oberk, and AM Details