Meet Your Professor.

"Throughout the past 17 years of being a detailer and business owner, I have made plenty of mistakes… These mistakes have taught me invaluable lessons, which I would like to share with you. The path to success isn’t an easy one, but I am here to guide you throughout the process. DetailWise Academy was founded for aspiring detailers to master the necessary skills in order to operate their detailing business. I am excited to share my experience with you, and look forward to meeting you very soon."

- Jason Otterness

Meet Your Professor.

"After 20 years in the internet business I realized that what I really enjoy is cleaning cars. I obtained a job selling chemicals to car washes and tried to figure out how I could satisfy my passion as a car wash or detail shop operator. I met Jason and we decided to team up and open Chicago Auto Pros. My unique background has been incredibly useful in helping us manage our rapid growth and establish us as one of the best shops in the country. I specialize in helping others with management, sales training, financial analysis and professional customer service."

- Greg Natonson 

Your Instructors.

Wayne Lambert


Oscar Romero


Emmanuel Torres


Jose Palafox

Video and Editing

Drew Fortini

Video and Editing

Greg Natonson

Sales and Business

Come Learn From The Pros.

DetailWise Academy is now offering custom, individualized, small-group training devised by Jason and Greg , lead by the Chicago Auto Pros team.

Hands-On Custom Training.

Receive specialized training designed to develop any Detailing, Tinting, and Business skills you would like to learn. Discover all of the necessary techniques and procedures that have made Chicago Auto Pros a success.

Choose what you would like to learn.


Introduction to Detailing The most important step of any detail job is the prep wash. In this course you will learn all the tools, chemicals, and techniques to properly prep a vehicle for detailing. Any participant from beginners to experts will become more efficient and turn out better looking work in less time. This is the foundation that will make sure you maximize your profitability and customer satisfaction.

Interior Detailing Customers spend most of their time looking at the inside of their vehicle so it’s critical that you get the interior right. If you don’t know what you are doing, interiors can be a slow, tedious chore that leaves a damp and greasy result. With the right process you can cut your time dramatically and produce eye-popping results that look, smell and feel like a new car. In addition, you will learn proper stain removal and how to rejuvenate the wide variety of interior surfaces from carpets to headliners.

Paint CorrectionThe most intimidating part of detailing has to be polishing paint. There are a lot of variables and several things that can go wrong when performing paint correction. We can remove the fear and the risk by teaching you the science of paint correction. Once you know how the process works it’s one of the best ways to make money in the industry and a critical step before you apply a ceramic coating. Step up to the challenge and learn the skills that separate the best from the rest.  

Ceramic Coating  Long-term protection options like ceramic coatings have become very popular with customers. It’s also an extremely lucrative service that you need to provide. Unfortunately, many detailers don’t follow the correct steps which causes premature coating failure. Avoid problems by learning our industry-leading practices for applying ceramic coatings to paint, wheels, glass, plastic, trim, carpets, and leather.

4-Day Course - $3,500

Window Tint

Window Tint Expand your detailing business with this high-demand service. Many customers with new cars purchase window tint in tandem with services like ceramic coatings immediately after purchasing their new vehicle. Maximize your revenue by offering this easy add-on to your existing services. In just three days we can teach you to cut, mold and install window tint while avoiding the frustrating and costly mistakes all new tinters make. We even provide you with all of the tools you need (a $150 value) so you can start making money as soon as your film arrives!

3-Day Course - $2,995

Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film Installing paint protection film is an art and looks truly exquisite when done well. Unfortunately, most shops never achieve this result because they lack the know-how to get the best results. If you already have some experience with film and want to learn how to do the quality installs that enthusiasts are paying top-dollar for then take this is a 3-day course. You will work directly with our installers to learn all the secrets required to achieve world-class results. We will provide you with all the tools you will need to install paint protection film including plenty of XPEL Ultimate film.

3-Day Course - $2,995   

Video Production

Video Production Video content is a proven way to market your business and build your brand. In this course you will work directly with the Chicago Auto Pros media team who create the videos that make our phone ring with excited new customers. Learn the skills you need to produce video content that reflects the truly outstanding work your shop delivers. We will teach you the behind-the-scenes skills of camera operation, lighting, audio, production and editing. In addition, let Jason show you the tricks to planning a great shoot and how he learned the on-camera speaking skills to keep an audience engaged.

3-Day Course- $2,995


Sales/BusinessMost detailers know how to deliver a great car but they fail because they are lacking the required business skills. Don’t spoil your dream by jumping in blind. We have “been there and done that” so let us help you eliminate the costly mistakes that doom most other shops. Fortunately, you don’t need a business degree. Let us show you all the steps that will take you to the next level including incorporation, sales, software, customer service, staff management, marketing and finance. If you combine this class with our separate DetailWise Mentorship Program and you can have Greg and Jason walking beside you on your journey to success.

2-Day Course- $2,195

** Please Note: There is a limit of 2 seats per class date**

What You'll Attain.

Specialized and hands-on training to develop the skills for success

Step-by-step guide on pricing your services and thorough product knowledge

A check list to organize your processes to improve your business' dynamic

Confidence in Yourself and Your Skills to Take Your Business to New Heights!

What to Expect.

  • All classes will be held at the Chicago Auto Pros Lombard location (Refer to map)
  • Complimentary breakfast and lunch every day
  • Hotel accommodations are available if required
  • (PPF and Tinting Only) $150 worth of tools and equipment to get you started
  • All DetailWise Academy students receive a certification after the completion of each course

What to Expect.

Class Location.

Class Location

All classes will be held at the Chicago Auto Pros Lombard location (Refer to map)

Complimentary breakfast and lunch every day

Hotel accommodations are available if required

(PPF and Tinting Only) $150 worth of tools and equipment to get you started

All DetailWise Academy students receive a certification after the completion of each course